Bliss among chaos


United States
46° 36' 51.4224" N, 120° 43' 56.3808" W

My footsteps’ echoes tell me I’m alone;
But some were deep inside my soul I know I’m being followed.
Racing thru the doors,
To my escape from their clutches,
I feel a chill sweep down my back;
As I step onto the thin snow covered ground.
As I sit on the bench,
I close my eyes;
And try to remember something good.
Winter’s touch against my skin brings me into a frozen daze,
And with silence is all around me;
There’s no escape.
A bird’s song begins,
And I snap back from this daze;
Only to remember I’m standing outside.
I glance back at the building;
Sensing what awaits me.
As the doors close,
And I take my place in the room;
I hold onto the happiness I had for that brief moment.
Bliss among the chaos.


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