Blinded children by their parents

Blinded children by their parents imperfections.
Filled with hate and rage,
not wanting to be in this place.
Wanting to love and show they're important.
Most go home to an empty stomach.
Not knowing where their parents love is.
Not feeling excepted, no exceptions.
Parents blame it all on the smart phones.
Instead of their kids fear of going home.
Having no where else to go.
Feeling so alone,
So broke.
They just want to make you guys proud.
But you're never around.
They grow up trying to find who They are.
Trying to be more than who they were raised by.
Scared to have a family of their own, they don't want there kids to ever feel so alone.
Hoping they'll be more than a broken home.
They survive on hope, and are guided by other survivors of growing up alone.
When they turn 18 they do anything just to leave home.
Convinced to do it on their own.
It's better than going home.
They never let their teachers know just how broke they are,
Going to school because it's better than home.
The generation of broken homes,
And growing up so alone.
Treated like their opinions are nothing but jokes.
To younger to make decisions on their own, but if only the adults could no
Kids are fighting this on their own.
No place is called home but people around them fill that position.
It's all they have to go on until they can leave and they learn to forgive them.
They'd rather be in dept then have stay and deal with them.
Here's to the next generation, grown up in hatred .
Ready to make this place better to live in.
They already have so much to give.
Let's show some them who's wrong.
They'll be so strong.

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