Please if you can, I only ask if you read everything

Silence exits between her lips.
Tears warmly emerge down to her cheeks. 
Pain travels from chest and below. 
She huffs and puffs as time goes on. 
Darkness surrounds her
Blinding her, keeping one resistant.
Not a thought swarms in her head
Delusion arises from the corner of her bed. 
The tears begins to stop as she blankly stares at the window lock. 
He comes beneath her weakened feet. 
Wraps his arms beneath her cheek
Suffocates the love someone once share
Erasing the memories of the person that always been there. 
She's bites, she screams, in order to be free.
But he keeps pounding her until she reaches her knees.
She plead for god.
In search of relief.
But he muffled her mouth with a blanket sheet.
He covers her eyes. 
Made her believe.
Forced her to say " No one will save me"

She finally awoken from her dream. 

Got up, sat down once again, in that old rusty chair and instead of answering her daughter's plead, she sits and continue to stair at the window lock


- The significance of this poem is to explain life itself and its struggles

Of how at times we tend to get caught in our own sorrows, The verse " darkness surrounds her " refers to those times in which you feel as if you're caught in a nightmare and you can't gain the strength to wake up from it. The guy who's hurting her, is symobolizing the devil, who trys to manipulate you into thinking, no one cares for you.

"He comes beneath my weakened feet"- Just when you think you're heading towards the right path, making the right decisons, something comes to prove you wrong and make your life seem even more miserable.

"Erasing the memories of the person that's always been there"- When you're going through so much, you begin to forget life's value and the significance it has and the people truly care for you.

"She bites , she screams" - that you're trying to fight the devil, you're trying to look to bright side of your struggles, but with life throwing its barriers before you, its hard to get back up or even keep going when you can't see any sign of hope.

" She plead for god, in search of relief, but he muffled her mouth with a blanket sheet" It seem as if no matter how much you pray, it feels and it seems as if  god or someone cant hear your prayers.

"No one will save me"- when you start to believe you're all alone and no one can you.

"instead of answerings her daughters plead"- You become so focus with your own problems, you forget to realized that everyones goes through something, and instead of helping each other the cycle travels to the point everyone's depressed

"stares at the window lock" - you want to be free, but it's as if you're trapped.

 My mom wanted to commit suicide and probably still does. Watching her go through such agony is actually what inspired me to right this. Instead of going in state of depression, because watching someome you love commit or even talk about suicide is heatbroken. 


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