Wed, 07/09/2014 - 18:50 -- chewz31

Girls these days are blinded.

Blinded by society.

No thigh gap? Too fat.

Ribs showing? Too skinny.

You must have an hourglass figure

To be considered "pretty".

The media only portrays

Women with good looks,

Not realizing what they show

Is being mistook

By a young girl watching

Who begins to starve her body

In hopes that one day,

She'll look like the model on TV.

She begins to hate herself

Because of what she sees.

When she looks in the mirror,

Her self confidence flees.


Girls these days are blinded.

When will teenage girls

Finally see the light?

That what they see on TV

Just isn't right.

So what you don't look like

That famous star.

You are wonderfully made

And perfect just the way you are.

Look back in the mirror

And flash that gorgeous smile.

Embrace the skin you are in,

Go on, adore yourself for awhile.

Everytime you flip on TV,

Ignore society being so critical.

Eff their beauty standards

Because you are beautiful.


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