Blind Light

Fri, 08/01/2014 - 11:04 -- stacy26

Fear is a source of vengenance

Powering all to ingnite in its glory

We are weak and fall frail 

We allow this to overcome our thoughts 

Making us into something we never even imagined.


Souls are a pure source of light and being

We lose that in our ignorance to fear

We look for evil in this world 

Reality comes to some but not to all

Some lay in their tomb still stricken by this evil

Trapped in the hell of darkness


We each have a choice

free will

to decide what we see

what we feel

how we respond


The challenge in life is your perspective

Will you look for the light in the eye of evil

Or will you choose to ignore the speck of sunshine

That iredescent light twinkling in everything you encounter


Evil was created out of fear

We may not know what is to come

Why should we though 

We create it. 

We are the designers. of our own lives

We see what we want to see

Out of protection... fear... of the unknown

Or out of love,


or the Pure Light of Our Souls




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