Blind Cries


Bottles and Bottles,

A drunk he was.

Passing out with alcohol in his cup.

He did not care what his children witnessed

Growing up with a drunk father

Their mind was always twisted.

Day after day nothing changed

“Daddy we’re hungry,” says Kathy looking deranged

Not understanding what he was doing,

“Leave me alone child!! Or you in for a beating!”

Abuse was the life of his kids

They didn't know better

Therefore why question it.

Anything he could grab or find

Come with hard blows to the head or behind

Screaming for fear of their life.

“Shutup!! or I’ll get the knife!”

They knew what was coming at the end of this journey

So quietness masked their pain

And the tears trickle slowly while thinking, “ someone please help me.”

This lifestyle was surely not a good one

Three kids with a father who cared none.

Later on thinking, “Why should I care too?”

Going to school inflicting pain on others

With the motto, “He hurt me, time to hurt you.”

Punching, Kicking, Scratching kids

Stoic to their emotions, “You don't know what pain is.”

Everyday they made the school grounds hell

Because their father didn't show them love in anyway that they could tell.

Suspension, detention didnt scare them at all

Their pain and the fear of others made them feel mighty and tall.

Walking through school without a care in the world

But when they reached home, their stomach was in for a twirl

Only one man was capable of that

Making them wish they were never born

Treating them like rats on his kitchen mat.

What did they do to deserve such hate?

They should feel all the love in the world

For they were the result of his procreate.

Because they only feel neglect and abuse

They pick on other kids for their own amuse.

This is not a life that any child should live

Hurting other peoples kids because they can't forgive.

The actions of their drunken father was never right in no ones eyes,

But they should’ve known better to listen

Than to turn a blind eye to everyone else’s cries.

Pain cannot be cured with pain,

Because your peace of mind can never be regained.

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