Wed, 07/23/2014 - 19:59 -- Whovi

To rip my eyes out

Would be a blessing.


To be unable to see

This crap cluttered world

Curled into a ball

That falls through time and space

Retrace the orbit

So we don't get lost

But it's still a circle

The same paths we cross

Again and again

Going through the motions

Redundant notions

Until we strip our emotions

Of what it means to feel

What it means to connect with a person

On another level

To revel in each other's presence

To breathe in each other's essence

Causing an incandescent change

A foreign exchange

Until what was strange

Is now fused with your being


Some choose to deny this transformation exists

Ignoring the foundation

Of this dismissed dilemma


The problem is greed would rather steal

Than lose its green complexion

Pride would rather die

Than give others satisfaction


These sins are infectious

After starting they never stop

Fighting to get to the top

Of an upside down mountain

Drinking the fountain

Of eternal youth


But with youth comes immaturity

A purity missing clarity

Making them unable to see


And although my eyes are free

Of any debris

I would prefer to be



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