The Blessings God Gives Me

I was walking in glorious light,

Glorious light, gold, painted bright,

That was what mattered,

As long as things weren’t stained, weren’t tattered,

I was alright, burning bright.


But without a word,

A thin whisper at most,

Came into my life,

A frail, haunting ghost.


No one knew his name,

It was never spoken,

But he gained his fame,

By ending all hoping.


The clouds gathered thick,

Quenched the light of the wick,

The air felt so bleak,

Though thunder just a squeak.


Now the thunder pounds,

My quick heartbeat resounds,

Fear crawled in my soul,

As the storm lost control.


I was walking in tremulous black,

Tremulous black, veering off track,

The thing that mattered,

Was surviving, pained, slightly shattered,

I was alright, storm losing slack.


Then one awful day,

Rage roared out of closet,

Chased me down always,

Joy not its deposit.


But I caught my breath,

Defied Sir Fear and Death,

Realized dreams of soul,

That helped me gain control.


I thought of sunshine and light,

Of all things wonderful in sight.

I thought of lovable pets,

And books, my satisfaction met.


I thought of my daily bread,

Of the place where I lay my head,

I thought of delicious food,

And of clothes for each different mood.


I thought of family and friends,

Who help me to the very end,

I thought of my house and home,

Those with me wherever I roam.


I thought of blessings, of gifts,

Those which make my sad spirit lift,

I thought of love that comes from God,

With me wherever I trod.


I thought of such precious things,

That most people take for granted,

Things that everyone adores,

When their lives become too slanted.


I had been lost in tremulous black,

Tremulous black, veering off track,

Ray of light pierced veil,

Showed me that God will always prevail,

I was alright, peace—no lack.


Now when darkness closes in,

Although not quite as thick,

I turn to God, my Savior,

Who lights the candle wick.


God gives me comfort and peace,

Reminds me to focus on Him,

And I know one thing for sure,

He will always hold my hand.

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