Blessings at the Doorstep


Traveling afar

A crowded bus

Moonlight bright

A world unknown

Unfamiliar faces

Destruction, despair

Sent on your behalf

I am a missionary


A dirt path

Fragmented steps

Untamed landscape

Lead the way

Carrying supplies

Food and water

I come to help

I am a missionary


A despairing home

Uncleansed, disarray

Saddens my heart

Reaching out to you

Repairing, cleaning

Painting, Feeding

I come to serve

I am a missionary


Uplifting spirits

Peace be with you



Unity, laughter

A newfound friend

I come to care

I am a missionary


Reaching out

Warm embrace

A moment in time

Deserving, long waited

A gentle touch

Heart felt

I come with love

I am a missionary


A peaceful world

Poverty no more


Undivided, harmony

Without fear

A friendly smile

I come with hope

For I am a missionary

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