Blessing Gone.


Where can you find a blessing
When things aren't right,
When you have to fight,

Fight yourself to find a reason to your existence?

When you can't sleep at night,


Because your thoughts are so tight,
In thinking of a reason to live life?
Where do you find a blessing,
When all doors of escape are closed and locked, 
When you can't think of a way to stop,
Filling your mind with negative thoughts,
Because you keep thinking about, 
The time you'll get out,
Of this terrible life.
Can we find a blessing,
When we have no more faith,
When all faith is lost,
And in our race,
trying to keep up with hope,
we just slow down our pace?
Because nothing goes the way we need
Nor the way we want
That sometimes we'll cut ourselves and bleed,
To get rid of the pain
Our life going down the drain,
And suicide seeks in,
People want us to live but we don't listen,
We plan our time to leave tonight, because nothing ever goes right,
And we realized every door may be closed
But death is always opened
So if we decide to die
So be it,
We know there's no blessing in Hell,
Now that's the only thing we believe in.


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