In my gut, i have a secret i would posit.
Thus, i leant from a book of lies and truth.
Its premiers will induce to sell you.
Inside is where its revealed, not around in case you are down.
In the planet called earth have surveyed,
Nothing's better than being me, myself, and I can just be merged.
In my journey, defending spirit i lacked.
This i know for am a witness just to find in the end.
Wondering, did you?
How life can smite you and make all your tears.
Have you discovered? That these tears are the consequences of the pains you denied in your life
I can, you can,
I can worship nyself
No need of help from others,
None to blame,
None to save you but yourself.
To prove my wrongs, i can.
For through it, i leant being me.
Survivor, i am
For i have worshipped my being.
TEE-THOMAS (Fearless Lines)

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