Blemished Goodbye

Tears splash 

Mixing with my blood 

Both dripping down 

As I slip away from love 

Yet no one even cares 

No concern just a shrug 

Abused my trust 

I feel so crushed 

Which led to my abuse of drugs 


Sleeping pills 

I hope this kills 

Didn't work the last time 

If someone had dared 

Just to care 

I wouldn't carve these flesh lines 

But now my mirror 

Is smeared with tears 

And blood from my slow resign 



I'm gone 


Had I heard one single word 

Had one person have the nerve 

Had I had a single friend 

I would have rethought this bitter end 

But now my soul 

Is gone and sold 

To the eternal realm I've left 

Streets of gold 

Or eternal cold 

My path has yet been set 



This poem is about: 
My community


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