In these blank spaces, was once I a dreamer,Illusion from reality, corrupted was the mirage of my mind.Heaven on, hell upon my sanity,A taboo never to be uttered of.  My pen, my magic wand, Abracadabra and the adventure began,A spill of ink, a sail in the land of papersNeeded not you lift a muscle, magic be your companion  In these complicated mazes, was once I a queenAt the back of my palm, like a fortune I could tellAm emperor with power, an immortal to be preciseThe world under my feet, I on top of earth; a supergirl in a red cape.   Many places to scribble, door in my empty shellSecrets never once spoke, once upon a time I wrote.In the darkness my treasure lies, for the world never to noticeA place more than oblivion, peace once my soul rested. Dark humour nestled, like a baby in a plush,Disturbed paradise blessed, a curse like a parasiteOut life it sucked, all that needed you know. Penning the last page, another chapter to beginA story never ending, a cycle of life continuesWrapped in a hard copy- a shield, in between the nemesis is placedIf the library talks, naked will I be to the eyes of the beholder 

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