In a Blank Stare

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 17:07 -- claudjc


United States
25° 59' 47.148" N, 97° 34' 44.0328" W

I don't know what I just read,
I just forgot what world I was living in,
I don't know whats wrong with my head,
I see people dying and their spirits arising,
Tic toc the clock goes moo,
I see beheaded chickens in their birthday suits,
Distant relatives sending food,
Now I can't see a day living that 10 cent soup,
Tell, write, scream makes you tare your hair out at the scene
Now the worlds at flee,
What I view is your children's destiny
Smoke and fire bomb's, gun's going off,
And all we can think of is death against the law,
I like green mountains and blue rain,
But that's just a beautiful image I can create,
And in my mind it shines like gold,
So bold, round and beautiful,
Though it doesn't reminisce my soul.


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