Blank faced crook


United States

Some say media is a silent killer , the thrilling image is seeping , these photos filters belittle , an image made to please a generation so hollow , and shallow minded they swallow , your pride eyes full of follows and likes addicted to the mainstream reality , to please a hand full of people whose social skills been depleaded , attention span has been taken and twisted into 6 seconds a vine away from the day , the pain inside is masked by the drastic plastic behalf of the celebs that they idol and wish and prey they could make it , be famous rich and have groupies. but who am i to speak running with the freaks and geeks , perplexed minded dont get it this geno playing the victim , what happen to recess and lunch time was spent day dreaming , not texting tweeting and schming. without the fire blanket of a cellphone you'll see the shy little girl hidding behind a phone screen , caked up full of that make up soul purpose is to get her likes up. we addicted to the fake life behind a screen chained to a home button , and charger outlets are kings like nicotine we are prison one filter break down your pillars and show the world what we could be.   


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