Blank Canvas

A blank canvas stares at me.

At a blank canvas I stare.

Create something new it dares.

But why am I so scared?

A nagging voice inside,

it kindles my fear:

“What if it’s terrible?

What if it’s all wrong?

What if it’s unrepairable

and the colors don’t belong?”

Then a kinder voice, a gentler voice with two simple words waves these fears aside:

“Who cares?!

Pay no mind to those jeers and those empty fears cast out!

You’re questions need rephrasing.

Here, let me help you out:

What if it’s amazing?!

What if it leads to better things

and from the synapses an inspiration springs?!

I guess you’ll never know until you start.

So put down your first splash of paint,

And don’t be faint of heart.

Who knows?

You may create a work of art!"



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