A Black Woman's Perspective

         I've watched my black sisters and brothers fall by the waste side. Their minds flushed and shattered by the ghetto life. A life inflated with hopeless prosperity and hate in a world full of violence. A Trayvon Martin world. A Martin Luther King world. A Maya Angelo world. A world of good verses evil. My sisters, they are criticized about their bodies and cultures. The way they talk. The way they walk. The way they sing. The way they dance. They never cease to understand the perspectives of a black woman. No! No! No! She's not just some hood rat, illiterate, pill popping baby machine. She's a woman. A woman that watched her father walk out of her life because he wasn't man enough to take responsibility for his actions. She's an honor student that struggled to make her mother proud. She went through depression because the "rich" folk judged and bullied her because of the color of her "brown sugar" skin.           She attempted to kill herself because she didn't realize her worth. See, you don't know what she goes through because she covers her anger, rage, sadness, and pain with a smile. A smile of a broken black soul...That girl, you see...she graduated from High School and attends college....Our black men..they are profiled and blasted because of their locks. Their locks that they wear so proud. The locks they wear against that cocoa brown skin. They are judged because of the way they talk. The way they dress. They way they look..The way they walk..The way they express themselves. That black man you fear and hide your purse or lock your door when he's around. But, guess what! That black man you feared, He has a career. A life..A business...Everything thing that glitters aint gold.

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