The Black Woman’s Blues (A Letter to the Male Species) by Keishra J.

Mon, 11/18/2013 - 21:07 -- Keishra



I am a black woman

and I think I speak for us all

when I say
I get the blues every now and then.


Dont wonder why we’re bitter

or why we’re so  tied into unhappiness,

thats all we know.

we have every right to be angry.

We’re beings stepped on

stepped over

set out



and invaded



Don’t wonder why we don’t smile

because for as long as we can remember,

we’ve been stripped of our customs, dignity, rights, and our character.



with no history
so our sophistication is considered ignorance

without looking at our true essence

Is it too much to demand Liberation

or to get some notification that our existence isn’t denied

and that we are more than just sex objects

used only for your desire


Don’t wonder why it’s impossible to love a black woman

because your definition of love is Tangible.

Love can’t be handed to you

Love isn’t finding someone to hold

but a deep, tender, ineffable, feeling of affection and solicitude
a feeling intangible


Don’t wonder why we continue to acknowledge illiteracy.

because our hips and thighs

overshadow what’s behind our eyes

not that you were interested.

but We are alive

We are Here.


Acknowledge us

Take us as we are

Black women soothed by the blues.

A letter to the male species.







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