Black Slavery


Heaven is at full Capacity
Occupied by shortened lives, lost dreams, heartless tragedies
Parents burying children seems to be societies norms
Blacks killing Blacks
Never mind right from wrong, It's the strong who live long
Weak gone
Soon as the dust settles on the guns that were drawn
Call me irrational, Even Crazy
I sure do long for those days of slavery
Minus whips and chains, long days on the plains
Love to have my shirt soiled brown from growing grains
Rather then soiled red from holding a loved ones remains
Imagining how it feels working as a group in rags burying seeds in the ground
As opposed to looking my best while watching another casket go down
Slavery symbolized blacks together fighting for one another
Freedom was gained now we kill each other, disregard for sisters and brothers
Never once have I dreamed so bad it cost me my life
Martin Luther King died for us, Put blacks as a whole before his kids and wife
Seeing the world now, guns, knives, personalities cold as ice
I wonder if he would do it again if given the chance to dream twice
Could I survive slavery?
Next time you hear a mother scream "MY BABY"
Think about what I said
And you tell me if i'm still Crazy 


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