Black Rose
Time will come when we will make up 
your mind and to witch way we will walk 
to talk to see the way you want your life
to be dark or dreams in screams
or walk on high in the light 
Much time has been shaded just following 
empty dreams 
Soon you will see , evil forces bow for 
the sword of the Black Roses 
Obeying the Dark king of dreams 
Across the land a princess was taken
Across the sea her heart screams 
in Black Roses
The Dark Angel rides the crusade in 
lovers hate
A dark Black Rose he throws down every 
path he takes of heartaches 
Together his dark nation through death valley  
no salvation will ever be found 
Black ravens flying in the ashen sky 
crows looking out for dead souls 
descaled white pigeons 
Dark Angel the King of lies 
preach blessings that will never come  
Sings and hard trials beating at the back 
of the lost mined souls  
Black Rose is all they hold 
March with me Dark Angel screams in a thunder
of thorns of dark Black Roses 
Obey me I am your dark king 
Soon you'll see the evil all over the land 
Evil screams in the night where dreams will be
Evils forces going up to the castle of Dark Angels 
Bowing down to the black rose sword Dark Angel holds 
Follow me or die in the pains of rain with no end 
Who are you riding on the black horses of sin 
much fears  of the Black Rose he throws  
In the most dark valleys
A black rose will grow in late June 
It will shine with the most dark colors
It will touch all dark souls, 
Waiting for Dark Angel to take control 
To return to the darken lands of lonely travel
The dark souls will come to the Sir of pains
They have been waiting for years and the years
become centuries
The sea became darken and deeper then deep 
The cold atmosphere had been all around on a hunt 
thirsty for more love of what it knows
Dark Angels  love kills at You and never stops 
His darkness hurt like a knife
Your body had no more control of it's own
blood filled with the unfinished 
that never comes to an end
The Black Rose holds deadly thorns like shield 
to protect it's own
The fake ones that comes close to will get
 the teats of it's possession.
Lilly Emery
Dark Angel


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