Black Riding Hood

Black hood, Black hood

Silk formed around her head

Drape around her, covering her body, exposing her facial feature

Showing no mercy

No emotion to those who cross her path

Black Hood, Black Hood


She walked casually through the once enchanted forest

As the ground filled with white cold snow

White snowflake fell


Wooden basket hanging from her left arm

White clothes wrap around her strong arm,

brown stain, brown stain filled them


A whimper filled the inside the cloak

Her once expressionless face  

Plaster a smile


Black Hood, Black Hood

Carried the tiny black fluff in her  wounded hand

Snuggled up against her chest

Who would have known

Protector of humans

Turns Savior  of wolfs

Black Hood, Black Hood


That old granny

Whose house was in the forest

Brainwashing her

the evil of these so call “Big  Bad Wolf”


As enchanted it may be

that forest became wicked

To those challenge to voyage in


Black Hood, Black Hood

Paced herself through the Dark forest

Landing herself in a hidden cave

Were packs of wolf hid from human life

A Big Wolf Growl toward the black cloaked girl


Removing her cloak

Demonstrating them the Wolf savior

A small growl could be heard

Approving her entrance


Black Hood, Black hood

Delivered the small  fluff in front of her

Its mother kept him warm with her embrace

Nudging her wet nose on the palm of the girl

The smile that once shone on the girl's face disappear

She proceeded further in the dark  cave

In which she called her home

Black hood, Black hood


A beige wolf laid in the ground

His sleepy growls could be heard from the echoes of the dark cave

Looking down to him with distress in her eyes

Proceeding to lay on his stomach


Black Hood Black Hood

She snuggle more with this wolf

Tears fell slowly from her face

He curled around her

Covering her body from the cold outside

The day she was saved by the beast in front

From falling through a dark hole

Was the day Black Hood nurture the wolfs

And disappear from Humans light

She would no longer be the little Red Riding Hood she once was



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