Black Queen

I am a beautidul black woman at heart

only if I knew that  from the start. But from the start I knew that

I wouldn't be excepted by society.

So I stand on this strong foundation so I could be motivation

To little girls that can't put their fringer on it but know 

from a young age they wouldn't br excepted

How is it? The most hated in America is (The black woman)

Why are we put in this box and all thought of to be loud, sassy, or rude

People tell me to stop talking about racism and coloriam and being so prude.

I think this is an issue that needs to be talked about needs to be stopped. 

Black woman you are beautiful head to toe. The curls that represent her crown.

Are beautiful lips are bodacious hips. That are to die for.

But kylie jenner and all these people can be prasied when

the black woman is down for what god has given to us.

Why are my sistas down in today's society? when people are getting injections and surgery to look like us.

I love the melanin that consist my skin!

My heart is priceless more than all the diamonds and gold in the world.

Never to be seduced or sold. Brainwashed and stripped from are roots.

Stop the lies!

Tell my sistas the truth. Are braids bantu knots and dashiskies are hymn songs are the most beautiful thing 

I've ever seen

It's not about make up or looking like a kardashian or a girl you see in today's rapper videos 

look up to strong woman like.

Rosa Parks, Angelia Davis, and Maya Angelou 

You're an ebony at heart a black queen.

Your pearly white grin; your beautiful skin

Black woman educate yourselves don't be fooled. I myself love my skin 

I am dripping of melanin. I am black and proud without an apology!


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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