The Black Plague


18 Newport Drive
United States
41° 3' 10.5552" N, 80° 39' 49.0536" W

Stress is like the Black PlagueIt trickles from the inner most depths of the soul, progressively towards the mind and forms into a monstrous creature that corrupts your entire body. There's no way to fight it , no way to relieve it. The intensity constantly increases again an again till it reaches it's climax and causes a fiasco within your body. This disease, that has infected so many of us, causes the demise of our internal constitution and begins to expose itself on our external physique  . Anger, sadness, or disappointment transforms wholeheartedly into pimples, wrinkles, and tears . Some may feel overwhelmed  by stress however I feel sickened by the Black Plague.


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