Black Lives Matter

Andrew argued angrily about what allegedly occurred. 

Black Bodies have been in similar situations before. 

Cops can commit crime as often as criminals can. 

Damning evidence appeared where it never existed. 

Everywhere evidence linked him to events that he never engaged. 

Frantically the fledgling of a man reflected former functions. 

Graves filled with good people falling to a gigantic racist body. 

Horrified helpless people gunned down by honor-less hoodlums. 

Innocent individuals ignored by the indecent and illiterate bureaucracy. 

Jubilant juveniles besieged unjustly while playing jollily. 

Can the cruelty be controlled or will it continue consuming the lives of so many people? 

These people are having their liberties lifted from their lives unlawfully. 

Millions are impaired by the racism making its home in modern America. 

The nation needs to interrupt its tendency towards racism. 

This tendency cannot outlast our orbit; people of all races must purge this tendency of themselves. 

Those poor people being placed in appalling conditions. 

The police live in their quixotic world, and avoid looking at the minorities sinking in that quotidian racist quagmire.  

The racist regime is rarely rational 

Sadness sails through these communities scalping all of its inhabitants, and then salting their wounds. 

Tactlessly the regime targets and tears through the ethnic and minority communities. 

These people are the underdogs, but unlike the movies, they are held in a position of unemployment and unhappiness, living under the umbrella of this ugly regime. 

The various peoples break into violence in an effort to defend themselves from being victimized and to defend their values. 

The war on the regime will not win unless we wash the regime from our land. 

Exit from that extant regime, expel it, and force it to become extinct. 

The young cannot sit and yawn, the youth need to yell. 

The zone of zeros held back as zebras in a zoo must be released; we need to free them.


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