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Remember when we were kids and did not see colour

But now because you can differentiate black and white im no more your brother 

Should i kneel and pray to God for the pigment or should i bleach for me to be accepted

in the society

No i should not because there should be equity

between black and white peeps

Its just the the difference in colour we still the same species

Im not a pastor im not here to preach, Im not a teacher im not here to teach

but to reach and try to educate the human mind 

To stop racial discrimination amongst ourselves

Take that mind of yours and throw it away

It does not have to be like that you can still change

You are not a computer with fixed coding and programs

You still have time can change that mindset

If you still racist go finish your energy in a racing field

We were all crafted in God's image you know

But i forgive you if you were once a fiend


This poem is about: 
Our world


JayroS Thealchemist8

I read the whole article on Black Lives Matters...

And once again a new word to abolish segregation it's once on the spot for the past 9 years since all this " New movement" started.... It's very interesting to see the effects on the society; specially on the Young Adults and lower class citizens....

About 14 years ago I posted a survey on ChipMonkey (Paleteros Matters)... After seen all the injustice against one another over the rightful inherited of the New world (Slavery VS Immigration)....

So.. I concluded with a few questions. The Same I've been asking myself since 2013(Black Lives Matters )…..

Are we ready to empower those Words?

Aren't we Forgetting other cultures?

Its the level of education high enough to grasp the Concept?

Its my skin color or accent accept to ask this question?

Did we empowered them or make them sensitive?

And so on and so for ...

This part of letter I wrote to someone I admire and guide me through a YouTube Community on October/15/2020

We are living Ina world being consumed by fear..

My phone getting pandemic alerts every 35 minutes; making myself a bit more antisocial.

The same world were all race the slogan,... Wishing for our voices to be heard this time..

Screaming our lungs out "MY LIFE MATTERS TOO".

Yeah! You were right my friend.. half time we are lead by darkness...(so, half time was a bitch).… So; I ask God every day.. that after all we went through to ;...


Jayro Sabal(Thẽ̞ Alchẽ̞misT8)


Well said

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