Black Lives Matter

I used to pray for a son.
Could you imagine a little baby boy
With big brown eyes and chocolate brown skin;
With an imagination so big that the whole world could fit in.
I used to dream about his first steps and the joy I would feel, to watch my son grow into a man just like his father it seemed ideal.

However, now I'm not sure of what I want,
Because it seems that this 'American Dream' isn't measuring up to the lie I've been taught.
You know in high school today we spend more time on the events when this country united than on its segregated and discriminative history
Now my generation sits and wonders how a unarmed black man can be slain in the middle of a street
But there is no mystery
And with no consequences for those in power it's just easy.
This country was built by us but has never been for us and that's clear to see
But how many more of our children have to be murdered and lie in their own blood and how many different times do we have to repeat history.
Before enough is simply enough.

But what can we do?
We are surrounded by the enemy,
Injustice on both sides of the race card,
But can't realize that we have become our own enemy;
Lack of education is zero excuse,
We can put a black man in a White House
But without knowledge his power has no use.
It's time to take a stand for what is right
Make the world understand that a black man's life should be valued more than that of an animal's;
Time to take a step back and reevaluate those things we've deemed valuable.
It's time to march like Martin and sing like Luther,
Time take all of our prayers to the King so we can save our Jrs.
The time is now but the clock has never stopped ticking,
Let's show the world that We are more than a black face we are human beings.
But in order for them to change it all starts with "we",
"We" have to be the change that we want to see.

So dear unborn son of mine,
My beautiful African prince;
I don't know how this world will be when you get here but I can tell you this,
Your life means everything to me if not to anyone else,
And no matter what may come dear son always stay true to yourself.
No matter the amount of melanin, shade, or color you may see,
Remember that everyone is worth something they are human beings.
And as much as I pray I can't promise that you will be treated fair
But please know that in everything God is always there
So when things get bad, know they could be worst
And though it seems we are in last know that one day we will be first
The world is very afraid of what we can do
God is going to change the world but it starts in you
It might not happen in my lifetime it could happen after
But one day the world will know that black lives matter.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



amazing! I would love to read more of your works

Art Is Power

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