Black hole

God please help me i feel sick to my stomach, i wanna fall on my feet, but im a man so i dare not weep, and please help me through my struggles and help my get through the night cause sometimes i feel like theres no point to life. and i laugh and think things always get better. i try to think of sunny skies in dark and grey weather. i write out my pain and i start to realize that i gotta stay on my grind ,do it for the family. and try and get mine. so no im not depressed, i just try and stay up. make it big for my family, no thats not enough. for my homies y'all we going up and im a machete so you know im always in the cut.So while I finish this I'm probably gonna hear some shit, Poetry is my oxygen, its in my blood. I'm just a kid with a dream and a heart full of love.

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