Black History

We went from being treated as dogs to acting like monkies

We went from being chained to acting a fool with a chain

We lost our way On the road to peace

The white man aint a threat It's the niggas in the street

The word nigger is a perfect term to describe ratchet black

Now we get laughed at instead of whipped on our backs

Slavery is old school a white man aint gon tell me what to do
I'm going to smoke this weed and thank God that I'm free

Black History thoughts We went from being slaves to having a chance to be a boss

Learn your facts Learn your past We overcame the biggest handicap in the world, Being Black


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is sad, but true
it's amazing that people take one's independence and freedom for granted
it's important that minorities dont settle for less and legitimize themselves
great job

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