Black Girl

Black girl,Don't you know you're a queen?With that thick coily hair and that natural sheen.Your illuminated skin has a voice of its own, And your beauty within leads you right to your throne.Black girl,Don't you know you got it going on?Full lips, thick hips, and a mind of your own.Always connected and in tune with the most high, But when disrespected, don't mind saying "Bye, bye!"Black girl,Don't you know you're smart?From politics to arithmetic, And all of the fine arts! Never letting a man or society choose for you,But choosing for yourself and making those dreams come true.So any time you feel down and out,And feel like society ain't pulling out,Trying to impregnate you with lies,And trying get you to compromise,Just remember who you are, who you be,Black girl remember,Remember, "I'm me". 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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