Black Elevation Anthem

I had to say my peace about the killing

I had always seen the police as the villain

New gang statewide, they the new crips

Dark skins laced in red, new age bloods

My people don't even carry a clip

Unarmed deaths coming in like a flash flood

Government want us dead, that is evident

Picking us off until we become irrelevant

But no matter how high the hill is, we stay pedaling

But for every inch forward, we constantly backpedaling

I say it with an ing because for over 400 years it's still happening

Not your memo? Well tell me how your chain is fascinating

Since when do chains and whips make us feel free?

Everything that glitters ain`t what it will be

Until we own it, we will never be free, do you feel me

But every cop thinks we owning heat like black Pat Rileys

It got me stressing to where I might snag me a Kylie

And pray my seed has better than me

Just see my own somewhat free

Lighter is better is what they say

But they don`t want us to see another day

I'm actually scared to go outside

Don`t wanna be a victim of a colt nine

My mind is burning, I`m just hot-headed

They gonna have to shoot me with lead

Just to release all my steam

I see through the scheme like a laser beam

Blinding the populace with negative mainstream

But I'm not buying it, I'm not into those lies

If it's at the cost of human lives

No longer sitting on the sidelines

Time to rise with the mind

Elevate to high ground, a new plane

Not smoking and drinking the pain away, that`s champagne(cham-pain)

The truth is painful, but I'm not numbing it down like Novocain

Digest the food for thought that you've bitten

See the flow is a protest like a sit-in

Father which art in Heaven

Why would you put us through Hell?

All of the innocents got me questioning my faith

My own people are dying, yet those alive are buying wraiths

Is this where we have fallen off?

From peaceful resistance and flaming molotovs

To pants sagging and buying rims to polish off?

Man, it took to 2016 to get the picture?

But if we do speak, we get racial strictures

I`m burning up with from the heat, got me sweatin like the ice caps

Combustion of guns busting is making me relapse

I`m sick seeing mothers crying

Sick of seeing sons dying

These things got J. Cole thinking about retiring

Created and separated yet told that we are all equal

Given thing then we go to fight for it again in the next coming years like a movie sequel

But enough of the depressing issue, did enough on the first verse

From this systematic oppression, no more bodies carried in a hearse

This isn't a curse, embrace the tone hold on and maintain control of you

You should know this like I`m singing and preaching, Keyshia Cole on you

Helping you believe that Black Lives Matter

Before we all fall and our lives are shattered

I never struggled on welfare but I struggle on being black

It`s a cold world and that's just a cold hard fact

If you feeling the energy, raise that fist high

I'm not promoting black power or supremacy, just HiiiPoWer

Who said a black man in the illuminati

Last time I check, blacks didn`t have power to begin with

Only vocalized through our talents, then we are luminescent under a spotlight

Whoever made such a claim need to leave them myths alone

This is realer than the tv screen, flashing lights and moving screens

Better than action pack movie scenes, or comedy from a dope fiend

This an ode to my people, the forsaken and almost forgotten

Let's rise up and fight back before we are all six feet deep rotting.

Pray my people will make it alright

The struggle never ends so we gon’ fight

Until the day we all reach new heights

Forever elevating on a dreamer`s escalator

Unity under the Holy Father and Dr. King

Join hand to hand under love just to sing



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My community


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