Black Christian

He who is without sin let him cast the first stone

But I’ve seen a sin so wrong it literally penetrates my soul

Hate of race

Discriminatory remarks

And things I can’t even mention because of the fuel that it’ll start

So much has happened in our history

Even today, the injustice that I’ve witnessed still is a mystery.


See I feel for Mike Brown,

of course I didn’t know him

 all I know is he was a brother of color .

but we were connected

in the sense that in our history we died for the same rights,

 based upon the pigmentation of our skin.

It was a connection that occurred in the soul,

I found out the news and my heart began to pour.

 50 years removed and we’re still dealing with this mess

tragedy so distorted based on an act of selfishness.

Regardless to my heart towards a situation there is still an opposing side,

 the side of the man with the gun whose identity they tried to hide.

 The identity of the Officer Darren Wilson.


See this is where I find myself in a tough position,

SEE I’m a Christian yes, no RELIGION affiliated, just Christian

but I’m black at the same time

 but being as though Jesus said love all men I cant choose sides.

So what do I do?

 Well I guess it’s not my right to judge,

 do I justify this horrendous act, certainly not.

 I am taken aback that to this day we are in the same spot,

fighting for our voice to be heard,

but I’m making the world know the truth

we are enticing individuals with infinite intellectual ability to enhance the ignorant mentality of the world we live in.

but somehow we are boxed away cast down by stereotypes,

pointed fingers at,

put in the spot light for every negative thing.

But pardon me, from my recollection we were born Kings and Queens.

I would give an apology but I was taught to be proud of who I am,

therefore I just had to state a fact of our history.


But on this topic of love,

yes we’ve been suppressed but I cant make the claim

“Blame the white man for this mess!”

Why can’t I? Well, because I’m a Christian, remember no religion affiliated, just CHRISTIAN.

 I have a deeper understanding ,

 see I cant blame it on the man because there’s a different force behind it,

 an enemy of adversity that desires destruction,

so the war that we’ve been battling is spiritual but has had terrible results naturally,

but we fight not against flesh and blood but every principality.

Since the beginning of time it was the devil intention to

Cause strife and division,

 since I know that

I’m able to look at an oppressor with the love of God because I can see in his eyes that he is lost.

I’ve been done wrong and had no retaliation because had my Savior Retaliated when they put him on the cross

we’d all be in Hell paying a terrible cost.


Do not be confused, I do not stand up here to justify

Or make excuse for a racist crime

But to share the true meaning of love without its tainted biased lies.

Because no act of hate is solved by hate

So I choose to love, because love is the only thing that changes people for the good for good

Love even when I’m hated

Love from God’s point of view, because I am a Christian.




That was awesome!

Kendall Arin

Thank you so much! 


Wow.  I just stumbled on this site.  You have a gift!  Keep it up.



This is really good. You have a lot of wonderful views on the world, it seems, and you did a good job of getting them into poetry.

Jan Wienen

Without prayer it seems impossible to love "my enemy", although after years of prayer I still don't like "my enemy", but I seem to love him ...

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