Black Butterfly


To breathe

To be free

Never to hide

From who you are

What you are

How are you

But to appreciate the deepest part of your soul

That makes you feel whole


The darkest days have washed away into the forest of hate

Now you come to see

And recognize your beauty

From inside

You shine the brightest


When you look in the mirror

You no longer have to shiver

Be afraid or ashamed?


It’s time to fly

Leave your shell

Break through your nest of hibernation

Be free to be who you are

What you are

How you are


Though, times are hard

Your strength keeps YOU going

Keeps YOU driven

Keeps YOU beautiful

Inside and out

Now, fly Black Butterfly fly

And don’t be afraid to fall

Because YOU are powerful

YOU are different

YOU escaped the nest

And transformed into the person YOU have been wishing to be


You’re a beautiful Black Butterfly

So why cry?

You’ve outgrown that stage of being afraid

It’s time to take that leap of faith

Into the darkest waters

Where they’re sharks still ready to attack

Ready to judge

Ready to depreciate your value to the world

So I ask…

Dear Lord, give me strength

Fight for me!

Fight for those scared to flock their wings!

As they run away from problems

Like it changes anything

So be proud

And scream aloud

That you are a Black Butterfly

Loved and appreciated


Life may NOT be what it seems

But we still smile

Through those grieving skies

We shall not live in lies

It is our time to shine

Because I love

Who I am

What I am

How I am

I am the darkest of those butterflies

I have the kindest heart around

I want that endless peace of mind

And to the eyes that still were blind

And didn’t recognize


I am the first Black Butterfly

The one who lived in a past that was full of sorrow

That now lays heavily on my back

Trying to breathe

To be free from all hate

Never to hide

From who you are

What you are

How are you

But, as I step out of the nest

I close my eyes and fly in the sky

Free as I could ever be

Black Butterfly



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