Black is Beautiful

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 09:52 -- KCooper



Shakespeare was great but can he tell you the struggles of an everyday black female

Skin as dark as night, hair as coarse as sin the beauty of a ebony queen is forever seen. 

From the way we walk to the way we talk could never be copied so when you see magazines

and t.v potraying us so poorly think again because all women can be ignorant.

Real women don't have baby daddies or speak like dis 

especially as a strong black female I refuse to be just another stereotype

Even though I'm a lighter shade don't mean me and my fellow sisters ain't the same.

Black is beauty no matter what shade. 

So could the real black queens come out of hiding and pick your kings.

Let's rule what is ours and never let anyone tell us were less.

I'm black and proud and will where my beautiful jewel embezzled crown. 

Black is beautiful.



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