Black and White World

Smothered by the white walls, the blue scrubs, the questions asked.

Why dirty the porcelain with nothing but a finger down your throat?

Why let the blood run red?

My answer: We live live in a black and white world.


Bow down to the norm. Give into the judgment.

Embrace the hatred. Hate yourself.

Sworn enemies pretend best friends. Lies are life.

We live in a black and white world.


With my face in the porcelain, my blood ran red.

The tears cleansed my eyes.

Thus, I found my color.

I painted my black and white world.


Pain is a saving grace sent from heaven above.

With our own blood, God grants us our color.

Transient strokes of Joy appear even more majestic on the enduring canvas of melancholy,

Therefore blessing us with appreciation of our black and white world.



#YOWO #YouOnlyWriteOnce #2014 #scholarship #overcomingobstacles

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