Black and White

Black clouds fill the blue skies,

White polar bears sink in the cold water.

High levels of destruction is happening,

And Mother Earth is slowly dying.


Black Oil paints

The white feathers of a swan.

Plastic fills the stomachs of birds,

What is happening to our world?


Black bags float freely,

White sun beams down heavily.

Heat becomes the next murderer,

While the cold is slowly disappearing.


Black lies from the government,

Whited out by false promises.

Earth is dying,

Under the hands of man.


Black ink color coding words,

White paper holding them still.

Islands will be gone in few years time.

Where will England go?


Black and White -

Where did the colors go?

Is it just me that wishes for the white clouds in the blue sky?

The black oil spills wiped clean?


Black factory smoke causing asthma,

China's air having enough to cause lung cancer.

Young and the old -

All dying in our own home.


The earth is dying.

Our only home is dying.

Clean sources?

Water? Air?

Barely enough to keep it going.


Is it our time to say goodbye?

Or is it our time to save the last bit?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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