Black and Blue

Sat, 01/24/2015 - 21:24 -- NatBad

Black and Blue 

Your hard earned bruise

Goes thump, thump, thump

In your chest, chest, chest

And she's the lovelies muse

Black and blue


Write a song, write a letter, 

All this romance is so anti-climatic

But we all know you could do better

Love isn't a trophy

But you aim to please

That's your best tatic 

And you do it slowly


You've got the words

And that's what makes it fun

For all the games

But here comes the weakness

The girl that can't be won

It's desperate and maddening

And drives forth masterpieces


Wanna try again?

Wink, flirt, strum a chord

It's all you've been

Using to win

But you're still ignored

Sorry, dude,

But those girls tend

To avoid the rude


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