Black In Amerika

                          Black little girl born in America, never knew what it was like to be black in America.Around age 7 when Sean Bell was shot 50 times I realized it was no longer cool America ,black men being shot down , where's the help America? How about our rights? Oh wait bullshit we "niggas" so we don't get none right?The system suppose to help us right? Bullshit The system is only here to protect the people with less melanin than me  You see the only way the system can keep a black man or women down is to throw us in the penitentiary, it don't mater how educated you can be they don't give a damn about them degrees.Damn America you built this country off the backs of our ancestors ,what more do you need? Or is it that you're jealous of me? The way my skin glows when God sun rays hits it , damn I would hate me too if I wasn't rich in melanin , but don't hate me because god chose us to showcase his beautiful melanin creation.  

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Our world


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