They say black is the new black 

Acting like they're bringing it back

But lack the fact that it never left 


My black have always been around 

just like how we have always had crowns


My black is made of clay

Because even when the world  may

Try to break us down, we still rebuild 

Ourselves from scratch 


They just now found it appealing

After peeling the ugly from their eyes


My black is dark like the night sky

Yet shine bright under the sunny clear sky


It is more than awesome, it's  amazing

Hot like the blazing surface  sun

Which is where the pre-heating 

Of my melanin begun, that has 

cooked unto the strands of my DNA


Let me say that I'm proud of 

What traces through my veins 

So don't get smart 

Saying: "You're pretty for a..."



Know that I'm more like awesome 

Not just "for" and because of that

You have until I count to four

Before you end up saying more


Black is more than a trend

It is a beauty that started within

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