Bitter Loneliness

I had always believed that I had a black hole

In the place of my soul

I was always so numb and cold

Or that was what I was always told


Rarely did I ever crack a smile 

Nor did I get easily riled

Nothing fazed me

Not even when I fractured my knee


Then why did I hurt

When he decided to flirt

With her and not me

Can't he see


I'm right in front of him

Willing to break a limb

If meant he could see

The real me


The one that loved drawing

And didn't mind withdrawing

From normal social interactions

The one who didn't mind making distractions


Why did I even care?

It just wasn't fair

I'm not used to feeling this way

I should just stay


Far, far way from them both 

The girl that I now loathed

For stealing the guy

Just because I am way too shy


And didn't get to him first

But it could be worst

Him and me could be nobody to each other  

I guess I'll have to look for another


One that didn't mind my cold heart

And my need to sometimes be apart

Someone who wanted me for who I am

And wouldn't just eventually scram






so open and vulnerable. enjoyed reading your poem!


Thank you for your feedback. I greatly appreciate it.

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