Bitter Hearted

While standing by the brown, cherry wood chair

I could sense your hatred

Every word struck like a knife

The blood from your veins; filled with unresolved feeings

There stood a mirror

That still couldn't reflect the pain I felt

As if someone had stolen my dreams and held them for ransom

You hurt me but I will never let you know

You underestimated me, but I proved you wrong

That chair that you once sat in; my study hall, my benchmark

I sit there every day striving for achievement with every breath I take

That mirror that once reflected anger, humiliation, and hatred

Is now my motivation

While that polo that you wore stays in mint condition

You will not

You will become old and fragile

You can get rid of that water colored sadness written all over your face

If you don't, either way, I'm soaking in success


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