Bite my tongue

I worked with you to be closer
You said no one can find out
I had to keep my mouth shut
I ended up moving to another department
You were front desk
I was in the bistro
I can see you across the room
That was enough for me
A few people found out about us
I was happy they did
Now I can relax a Little
New people were hired
One was a girl
I didn't mind
But you told me not to say anything about us
I knew if more people found out manager would find out
I bit my tongue
One day an old friend came to apply
I walked passed him not knowing who he was
He stopped me to say hi and gave me a hug
I knew you where watching....
I couldn't say anything
The managers where there
We talked a little and he left
I knew you were mad
I bit my tongue
I could see you were upset
Didn't even look at me
Didn't even come to chat
The girl came in for her shift
You came running
Started to talk with her
Flirting right Infront of me ....
I bit my tongue
I was hurt
You did that on purpose
You even smiled at me .....
You wanted to hurt me
You wanted me to know my place
I bit my tongue
For so long you put me through situations where I had to bite my tongue
Not anymore
Never again
I'm not going back to that
I'm tired of it
No more bitting my tongue


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