Bitch and Other Derogatory Terms

Sat, 11/08/2014 - 12:16 -- 10-10


Sometimes, people can be so rude.

They’ll despise you for the confidence, the noble beliefs,

and the optimism you wear on your sleeve. 

I stood up for my values, calling out someone for their racism and insensitivity.

They told me to stop “making such a big deal out of everything”.

They called me a B-I-T-C-H bitch for the way I acted.

I can see why.


Like a puppy, I’m eager to please everyone around me; always showing my affection

through hugs, cuddles, and laughter in lieu of a wagging tail.

I’m loyal as fuck - to family, to friends, to myself.

I chase dreams like others chase their tails - tirelessly, enjoying myself while I do so.

I can learn amazing tricks in short amounts of time, and with the right amount of training,

I’m unstoppable.


Like a wolf, I lead the pack and set the standards with my independence and solitude.

I’m not afraid of the night, because the moon is my queen.

I pursue the prey I want, because nothing outruns me.

I can bite you even after you cut off my head.




Bitch I’m fabulous

Bitch I’m flawless.

Bitch I am.


The “B” stands for “Brave”.

The “I” stands for “Individual”.

The “T” stands for “Tenacious”

The “C” stands for “Cool”.

And the “H” stands for “Hella ready… to take on the world”. 


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