Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:59 -- mnissan

There’s a bitch in my brain

she’s filled with lemon juice

and black tar

There’s a bitch in my brain

I didn’t see her

filled with fragments of broken mirrors


rotten fruit

that was once sweet

There’s a bitch in my brain

she says my body 

is a ruin

and my voice

is dust

she pinches

she pricks

she’s the card

that makes the house fall

A broken cassette 

that repeats

and repeats



She is rack and ruin

sallow rain boots

she wants acidic teeth

and red ribbon


and coughs


with sugary sweet dreams

that make you feel guilty in the morning

Collect my fallen out embers

and throw them back into my face

The heaviness

like water on my chest

slowly seeping into my pours

like a comfort blanket

that isn’t comfortable anymore

It makes every movement

a waltz with anvils

Like tree trunks on my legs

I want to cut them down

and make firewood from my body

I am chemical waste

a broken plate

 at a grocery store

a malfunctioning desk lamp

that you return

with a crumpled and stained receipt 

and they won’t take it back

Run through the thicket

collect my firewood

bundle me up

throw me in the pile

I will burn soon

I want water

in collar bone basins

a crack

that resonates

and touches your lips

leaving bruises

I want to be the shaky doe

that was born in your back yard

the movement of your tongue

when it’s not coated in silver

I want to be a symphony 

like when I broke my wrist

and I heard the sound for days

My hair is as broken 

as the cup I dropped on the floor

And it’s because of her

My skin 

is just a wallpaper of veins

waiting to be covered

My bones

are a see through slide

that only makes things more confusing

and my eyes

are foggy

and it’s because of you


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