Birthday Poem to Dad

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 14:57 -- ahaze

It is that time of year once more
To share thoughts on a special day
For a person who is special to the core
And defines "Dad" in every possible way,
Words cannot describe all that is done
Every conversation and good deed
That shines values like the bright sun
And tries to nourish a growing seed,
You have always been there for me
Dependable, reliable, and always true
Your infamous words of talk therapy
The hours you give, and what you do,
Many times, though it may not seem
Like it's getting anywhere here
That same jacket busting at the seams
Conversations going through the ear,
Through my stubborn doctrinaire
I see and hear your didactic ways
In every move, that you deeply care
Providing logic and clarity to the Hayes,
We've been through many things so far
On the run, close calls, and a daring Bob Marley
We've seen many beautiful sights by car
Yet your actions are like the phrase of Cal Farley,
Since the day I arrived at the age of ten
What you have shared always true and bold
That it's not who I am or where I've been
But where I'm going that counts as gold

This poem is about: 
My family


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