The Birthday Boy


Clenching tightly on to his teddy bear

Mr. Bear.

He thinks it's his birthday-

it's not.

No one want to displease him.

He'll loose hope-


Already clinching on to the wobbly wooden table 

gazing at the pink polka dot candle 

in hopes to devour the enticing and celestial dessert.

The pink polka dot candle with the number sixteen imprinted on it

seemed to not draw any attention from him.

After all, he still believed in tooth fairies and Santa Claus

he could only count to ten 

and was just starting kindergarten.

Only one candle stands

lit shiny on the little piece of delectable chocolate cake.

The small flame dances from side to side

He was persistent, intense.

He picked his piece-

of course.

Read to make his wish

maybe of toy trucks or 

probably a bag of jolly ranchers and kit kats.

He leans in to blow his candle jauntily. 

Everyone stares

barely capable of hiding their laughter

while singing along 

the original "Birthday Song."

No more candles.

The piece of cake doesn't look as presentable as before.

We grin at one another as thought we've accomplished

something as great as reaching the moon. 

He is as elated as can be

throwing his hands up frantically.

I guess he wished for something good.


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