The Birth of the Son of Jupiter

(My inspiration was the NASA photos recently released of the planet Jupiter.

They inspired me to write this poem; they remind that there is beauty in living.)


In fact, I was born

Out of the very lungs of Jupiter

Exhaling tidal waves of fog and blue,

Swimming in thunderstorms

As the lightning cracked in my eyes

And my mouth opened,

Outpouring a million poems 

And thoughts of death-

I was born out of the very lungs of Jupiter;

I recollected my woes 

Recounted my many broken hearts

That slipped past me in the pools 

Of my own golden blood

And I touched the stars 

And made love to them 

With malicious flirtation

And effortless conversation;

I swallowed whole the oceans of Jupiter

Letting them run like honey down my throat

Because living was enough for me.



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