The Birth of Maleficent

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

In all of eternity

 Two star crossed lovers’ nightmares arose

Riddled with insanity


She was the queen and he was the king

Sadly, neither were worthy

They both hid their hideous souls

The quandaries of the guilty


A misstep here, a slight blunder there

Too late, he realized his mistake

Her ego was injured, her fury inflamed

She vowed justice for her heartache


He was so green to the ways of this world

That he freely chose not to see

The scarlet feathered kisses and knives

 Caused by his infidelity


He ceaselessly writhed against the current

But it was to no avail

It wrenched him into the lifeless dirt

His head betwixt his tail


Her thirst satiated and justice claimed,

Loose ends tied by the seams

He should have recognized that she was a

Nightmare dressed as a daydream


For better or worse, till the day you die

Those vows were clearly ignored

He could have been satisfied with her

But he always needed more


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