World reason, Great Mother, Tree of Life come forth be born take formation Natura Spirit of Water, Earth, Wind and of Fire.  Mana.


Chemistry the forming of organic names, Atom the Word Made Flesh, proteins compounds, Be born come forth Soul, Royal Seat, set in motion, kindle arouse procreate Father/Son 3rd person present.


Mother Earth, Heavenly Body all creation prepare world without end add to and more of the same Welcome Fruit Tree thee Mother of Creation, potter of  thee Son/Father Seed.


Thee female who brought forth thee male child and baptized him IN Thee Womb and Crowned him A God IN her own Image flesh of her flesh bone of her bone Spirit and Water that amineotic fluid that surrounds a fetus in thee Womb walking on Water shedding the blood unto us Genes-is 1:11 the Fruit Tree a Seed/Son is born of Spirit and Water baptized (made sinless) by Her.


World reason Great Mother natural, genuine, realistic, not in error validated, established true to the Spirit, true to Life Cogent legal lawful binding. Arc of the covenant on earth I create thee male child IN/Baptized My Own Image in plain sight as the earth gives birth to her seed/son as the Heaven gives birth to her seed/sun. 




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