Birmingham Blues


United States
42° 56' 27.9636" N, 85° 36' 36.1404" W

Sweltering day
Solution: ice cream
Fell into unwanted trouble

Pain splattering across my back
Anger biting my arm
I hear laughing
Nothing is funny

Our yelling blistering our own ears
Fighting is in our blood
On that day, God helped us past
Tired of getting torn apart like a german shepherd's chew toy

We break away from the jaws of death
Running faster than a small child after stealing a taste of his Mother's cherry pie
Looking for a place to disappear from the horrors

No where to go
Danger amidst
collapsing no where to turn
cold freshness lathering my face
my face turns red like a ripe tomato
swelling up
a salty waterfalls slides down my face

Warmth soaks my young skin
powerful hands lift me up
strength empowers me
Head spinning I hear
"It's ok child, get on home, It's ok,
equality will prevail, just keep praying,
It's ok child, now get on home"


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