you may think i'm referring birds are animals with feathers

wings that permits to fly 

soar in the air with grace

flying above the clouds

but to be quite honest

that's not what i'm here to recite

i'm talking about a different type of breeds

whom i call birds


this is my definiton of birds

mind you my usage of the word birds is plural

birds are group of females who give it up to a bunch of guys

spit out kids and not know who the baby's father is

birds are women who enforce delusions to their daughters on how to take advantage of a man

what they don't know is that there is a guy two/three steps ahead 

in which if you're not careful 

he'll hurt your daughter

far more worse 

than how the daughter's father hurt you

birds are group of dudes that surround their boy like groupies 

because he pulled up on the block with the latest range rover

birds are more dudes in a club than women

with the ratio of 5 to 1

certainly not my type of scene-i'm out

birds are a bunch of dudes who surround a guy bench pressing fiending to go next

are you serious?

birds are people who line up to buy a pair of sneakers at 8am on a saturday morning waiting like lost souls

birds are people who continue to not work and yet be proud of being a welfare recipient

birds are dudes that spend $400.00 dollars on lebrons, and don't have $5 dollars to buy a hero and a drink


when people ask what are birds

i won't tell them about creatures with wings picking at bread from the ground

i'll tell them that birds are people with no brains who lack sensibility and find all the excuses to why they fail





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Awesome play on a common phrase :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the support

check out myother poems i wrote

this poem is honesty to its core

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you

i speak form the heart

my play of words is my imaginations on expressing myself trurthfully

thank you for support

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Your poem and mine are very different with different meanings. Yours was quite amusing but I think the birds youre referring to are more like pigeons or seagulls. The birds i had in mind when I wrote my poem was birds like geese. Geese are one of the only other species that mate for life. Just a cool fact. But ya. Cool poem. 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

when i saw your title birds, it caught my attention

as i read , it is a different interpretation than mine

thought it was cool you read my definition of birds

i read your definition and thought it was a really cool poem

glad u liked my poem, check out my other poems i've written

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